Thanks to the modern and effective timber frame house construction technology, it is possible to build these houses in a very short period of time. The average construction time of a timber frame house is approximately two months. The construction is fast as well as precisely predictable in terms of the time-limit, the building process is possible in any period of year and it is accessible in different remote places – with timber houses the way from an idea to its realization is much faster and easier than it is with the houses built from other construction materials.

The construction of a timber frame house takes only 2 months

The construction technology of timber frame houses has several essential advantages:

The speed advantages of timber frame house construction are ensured by several factors: first, the technological process itself. Concurrently to the groundwork started at the building site, factory separately produces waterproof timber frame panels, which are then assembled at the building site in only 3-5 days. Afterwards, other interior decoration and outer finishing works can continue notwithstanding the weather conditions. Timber frame house’s interior decoration is done simultaneously with exterior finishing works, and is not a separate stage in the last phase of construction, as it is with brick buildings. This fact considerably shortens the time necessary for the construction. Time economy, in comparison with brick house building, results also from the fact that the materials used in the construction of timber frame houses do not need the process of drying.

Timber frame houses can be built also in winter

The building of timber frame houses is possible in different weather conditions, moreover, in any season, including winter. As weather conditions practically do not influence the building of timber frame houses, the construction time of these buildings can be precisely determined, thus considerably reducing the risk of uncertainty, unforeseen delay of the building process.
It is possible to build timber frame houses in places difficult to reach, because they are built from many separately manufactured small parts, which can be easily transported to places, where massive elements, necessary in brick house building, are quite difficult to transport to, consequently increasing the expenses of the whole building process. Besides, a timber frame house is a more accessible choice in places, where geological conditions are more complicated – these houses are less exacting to ground hardiness, because they are lighter in weight than brick buildings. Summarizing the above mentioned, if you have chosen to build a private house, a timber frame house is your fastest and accessible choice – it is possible to build it whenever and wherever you want it.
Faster and more predictable process of house construction not only lets the customer be relaxed knowing that his house will be ready in short time, but it can also give a financial benefit in case the house is built on credit. Banks and other possible creditors evaluate different risks when giving credit and depending on these risks credit interest rates are fixed. The planned time of construction is considered as one of the building risks – the longer the period, the bigger the risks (in relation with different factors - stability of the industry in general, accessibility of resources, weather conditions etc.). Therefore, the construction of timber frame houses is considered as being financially safe. This means that a shorter term of the house construction can „take care” for smaller credit interest rates for the credit holder.