Timber frame house is nothing too expensive or inaccessible. The expenses of standard timber frame houses are even lower than those of houses built using other construction methods and materials.

The comfortable building technology of timber frame houses cuts down the expenses – the parts are factory-produced and factory-treated. Another reason for lower expenses is logistics – the construction elements of timber frame houses are smaller, lighter and easier to transport, which is essential when the house is built in a remote place that is difficult to reach because of poorly developed infrastructure of roads. Considering the expenses of your house construction, it is suggested to think in long-term and find possible financial benefit in further perspective. In long-term timber frame houses prove to be a very beneficial investment. Several factors make timber frame house a financially wise choice: Excellent heat insulation of timber frame houses. As described in the section about energy efficiency, even those houses with more common construction solutions save up to 32% of your expenses on heating bills (while super insulating „passive houses” allow you saving even seven to eight times (!) more). Microclimate characteristics of timber frame houses. The natural microclimate characteristics of timber frame house allow you saving on the usage of additional equipment. In a timber frame house you will rarely need to use (if at all), for example, air humidity controllers, vacuum cleaners, air-conditioner and similar appliances. Excellent sound insulation of timber frame houses. It is considerably better than in brick, concrete block buildings. Therefore, there is no necessity to spend money on additional sound insulating materials if you live, for example, near a highway.