Collaboration stages

Our main objective is a satisfied client, who lives in a high-quality house. This is why the process of building „EcoPure Homes™” is based on such collaboration, where full conformity between client’s wishes and the building possibilities is reached. Our collaboration will go through several stages, which will gradually take your new home from an idea to realization.

Meeting at the building place
The first step in the building of your new timber frame house is to appoint a meeting at the place where you plan to build your new home at any time which is convenient for you. We will see and explore the construction site, listen to your wishes on how you see your new home, evaluate its location from different aspects in order to choose the best solution. This first stage of collaboration will allow us to evaluate the actual situation at the building territory and start working on the solutions suitable for this place.

We will listen to your wishes!

After our meeting at the construction site follows the second stage – the designing of the house. Here two ways are possible – if you already have your individual architectural project, we use it and pass to the next stage. If you do not have a complete house project, then our cooperation partners – certified architects – design a suitable architectural project in accordance with your wishes as how you visualize the new home. We are ready to implement various visual plans of your house. However, one should remember that a more complicated architecture project increases the total expenses.

We can realize various architecture solutions

Design of the engineering communications project
When the architectonic project is finished, follows the stage of utilities project, which is developed together with our professional collaboration partners. These partners are the representatives of a certified designing company „SIA Inteleko”, which has more than 5 years experience in designing timber frame houses. Engineer designing stage plans the pipeline inlet constructions for the supply of electricity, water-pipe, sewerage and other communications. After the engineer examination is completed, everything is ready for the house construction.
The construction of „EcoPure Homes” undergoes a thorough control of a certified construction supervisor and is based on the quality control system conforming to the ISO 9001 standards. The entire process takes about 2 months. All you have to do is to wait and see your house becoming reality – we will take care of the rest. Find out more about the construction process in a separate section.